The Challenges of 2022

For the first time after nearly two decades of populist or leftist public policies that have proved to be highly ineffective and harmful, Brazil's economy is beginning to take a turn and bob. These are economic indicators that show sustainable growth in the coming quarters: falling country risk, record high of the stock market, record interest rate drop, high GDP, falling unemployment.

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Back to Growth

President Bolsonaro's competent economic team has been taking steps to facilitate the return of economic growth after years of stagnation. In a nutshell, it is about liberalizing the economy, reducing taxes, privatizing various state-owned enterprises, reducing inefficient bureaucracy, modernizing labor relations and increasing Brazil's share of international trade. All this while caring for the environment and assisting the neediest, victims of decades-long welfare assistance, rendering the poorest maneuver to meet the personal and megalomaniacal goals of unscrupulous politicians. More...

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