State of Rio de Janeiro


Information about state of Rio de Janeiro (17,463,349 inhab., IBGE, 2021), the capital Rio de Janeiro City (6,775,561 inhab., IBGE, 2021), and other locations; everything to prepare your trip to Rio de Janeiro. Travel tips, shopping, food, interactive maps and more!

Centro do Rio de Janeiro (C) Ari Oliveira - Guide Rio de Janeiro
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Beach, Sun and Night

For those who prefer beach, sun and night holidays, the Region dos Lagos (North Coast) of Rio de Janeiro is the right destination to have unforgettable vacation.

Adventure, Ecology and History

For those who enjoy adventure, lush nature, ecology, history and nightlife, the Costa Verde (South Coast) do Rio de Janeiro is the best option and destination to have an unforgettable vacation.

Armação dos Búzios

Anyway, for those who like a little bit of all these attributes and want a lot of fun at night and a certain sophistication, Búzios is the ideal destination.

© Ari Oliveira Guia Niterói, RJ
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

The most beautiful views of the city of Rio de Janeiro can be seen at Niterói, on the other side of the Guanabara Bay.

Parati, Rio de Janeiro © Ari Oliveira Guia Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Parati, Rio de Janeiro

Visiting Parati, on the southern coast of the state, is like taking a trip back in time. From here the shipments of gold from Minas Gerais to Lisbon departed. Unmissable visit!